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The SHE – The Suzie & Heather Experience Podcast with Founder Tara Brandner

Suzie & Heather|8/3/2020

Busy is an understatement for our guest Tara Brandner. She’s a NP in a fast paced clinic, mother, wife and ADVOCATE! If there was a picture in the dictionary for Advocate, it would be her!

After struggling with infertility and finding very little resources, support or information then hearing from others their stories of mental and physical strains as well as that of lack of insurance or financial resources – she KNEW her infertility was not done with the birth of her son.

Tara not only brought a bill to the ND Legislature, she’s started a Nonprofit for those in ND and just expanded to SD. She and her entire team are working endlessly to bring support, resources and awareness to a disease, YES disease, that is affecting almost 20K in ND alone. She is an inspiration and you’ll be awed by her focus and passion for helping others!

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