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Grant Program

Everlasting Hope Grant Program

Everlasting Hope opens their grant cycle every year during National Infertility Awarness Week, which takes place the last week of April. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media channels to receive announcements. 

Thanks to your donations, Everlasting Hope has been able to provide $47,000 in grants to local couples going through infertility treatment!

16 Grant Recipients

4 Beautiful Babies

4 Couple Currently in Treatment

Check out some of our past grant winners!

Shelby and Matthew Basner

After trying for seven years to get pregnant, the Basners sought treatment at Sanford Reproductive Health. Once they discovered that they both have infertility issues, IVF became their best shot at becoming pregnant. In their grant application, Matthew stated, "We have a lot of love to give." They now have a beautiful baby girl to share that love with.

Maddison Basner 7 lbs 5 oz - 21 inches (1).png

Erin and Nick Bettenhausen

After starting their infertility journey six years ago, the Bettenhausen's welcomed a baby boy via IVF. Unfortunately, he had to fight hard for 3.5 months in the NICU after being born 12 weeks early. After that difficult experience, they wondered if they should every try again, but the Bettenhausen's dreamed of adding another baby to their family. Switching to a clinic in Minneapolis, the financial burden of treatment was being felt by Erin and Nick. However, they found success at their new clinic and welcomed a sweet baby girl.

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