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Insurance Coverage for Infertility

Currently, only 19 states have infertility insurance coverage laws, and 10 states have fertility preservation laws for iatrogenic (medically-induced) infertility. In the state of North Dakota, there is no insurance mandate for infertility diagnosis or treatment. Under North Dakota’s current law, patients bear the responsibility of covering the costs of diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the cause of the fertility problem and the therapy used to treat the problem, that cost can be considerable. A major impediment to access to treatment to resolve infertility is insurance coverage.


Employers have the power to increase access to care for infertility and fertility preservation for their employees. Click here to learn more. 



During the 2019 North Dakota legislative session, a bill to provide infertility and cancer preservation bill moved through the committee. SB 2233 did not pass on the Senate floor. We would like to thank our bill sponsors and those patients who testified on behalf of this bill.





Thank you to our sponsors and all who helped with our call to action and legislative initiatives during the 2021 session. We aren’t finished and will continue to work on increasing access to care for infertility and fertility preservation until this mission is fulfilled.

Video Hearing on HB 1147 – Employee Benefits Program Committee – 1/15/2021

Media Coverage on Advocacy Day and HB 1147

Watch House Appropriations Committee – February 18th
Watch House Industry, Business, and Labor Committee – January 26th 


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