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New Nonprofit Raising Infertility Awareness

New Nonprofit Raising Infertility Awareness

By Emmeline Ivy | Posted: Sun 11:38 AM, Nov 24, 2019

BISMARCK, N.D.  Tara Brandner has been working for years on including infertility insurance coverage in health care plans.

She said many couples struggling with infertility feel alone. However, that’s not the case. She said recent statistics show 1 in 6 North Dakotan’s have infertility issues, which equals more than 14,000 North Dakota residents.

Brandner has created a nonprofit to help raise awareness on this issue, called Everlasting Hope. Everlasting Hope provides resources and finances for those in need. She held her first auction event at Laughing Sun in Bismarck on Thursday, which more than 50 people attended.

“Often times people who go through infertility, they go through it in silence. And, it’s something that they go through alone. So, just being a source of support for them– we have a support group on Facebook and we’re looking at ways to expand that as well as a place to come to that’s safe for them to come to when they’re going through infertility,” said Brandner.

Brandner is talking with insurance companies in the state so people can get infertility coverage through their work. She also plans to bring a bill proposing infertility coverage be included in health care plans to the next legislative session.

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